Highton Bowls Club - Coaches, Umpires, Greens & Gardens

Highton Bowls Club - Umpires, Coaches, Greens & Gardens 2020 - 2021

Umpires - Although not having the rough and tumble decisions required in some other sports bowls umpires have a difficult job. The thirds have had a go but it still needs players to assume the dual role of umpire to make decisions on differences of less than a millimeter.

Coaches - The development of bowlers is carried out by a dedicated group of coaches. These people all have put in a lot of their own time to learn extra about the game of bowls and the skills involved. They have all been trained in the techniques to enable them to convey their knowledge of the skills of the game to many of the Highton players both new and older bowlers.

Greens Staff - Our two grass greens and the synthetic green need regular maintenance to keep them in prime condition. This is achieved through an excellent effort by our Greenkeeper and his group of volunteer staff. Most of these staff are retired men who contribute to the ultimate enjoyment of all bowlers who come to play at Highton.

Gardens - Regarded as among the best settings in the GBR the gardens at Highton make it a most enjoyable place to even just visit let alone play bowls.

The People
The table below contains the list of the people who work in these special roles. If the name is highlighted in green, then that person would be happy to receive an email from you. Click on their name to activate your email client to send the email.

Umpires (as at 28 May 21) Coaches (as at 27 May 21) Greens (as at 27 May 21) Gardens (as at 27 May 21)

John Hulme (Umpire Co-Ordinator)
Elaine Coles
Nick Fenton
Don Lyne
Graeme Wright
Sandra Griffiths
Chris Hodges
Mike Currie
Maree Wiggins
Alison More (Measurer)
Arthur Francis (Measurer)

Dan Priddle (Head Coach)
Wendy Ballentine
Doug McGregor
Ron Imanse
Anne Cotterill
Graeme Wright
Marion Lyne
Dave Priddle
Jeremy Fitzgerald
Noel Menner
Rob Priddle

Jamie Wray (Green Keeper)
Greg Duncan (Greens Co-Ordinator)
Max Gladman
John Jackson
Terry Driscoll

Synthetic Green
Ian Anderson
Greg Duncan

Ken Mansfield (Convenor)
Tony Doorakkers
Barry Foley
Curly Kemp
Bill Poel