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Pennant 2020-2021

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The next season commences on Saturday 6th October. We will try to use this page for more general information about how Saturday Pennant is travelling.

Congratulations to the two form teams for the season, the Div 1 blue and Div 3.
The wins puts the Div 1 Blue side in 2nd place on the ladder with 160 points behind Torquay (221). They are followed by Drysdale 144 & Portarlington 127.
The 61 point spread means that catching Torquay is virtually not possible with only 4 weeks left in the season. However provided we work hard and win at least three of the last 4 games we will finish 2nd and get the double chance final.
The team spirit is at a high for the season now considering our poor start to the season. The rinks are mostly set with just coverage for a couple of people having personal commitments. There are a number of players in the Gold side pressing for a place which is good as it puts pressure on everyone to perform.
The team is very confident of its ability to defeat Torquay in a semi-final should we be able to maintain second place on the ladder. The will to win and the team enthusiasm has set us up as very viable winners come grand final day.
The Div 3 side also came back today against Belmont to get get 17 points and move back to 3rd place on the ladder, just 4 points behind Bannockburn and 14 behind Drumcondra. This side also has a great chance of winning their way to a grand final and a place in Division 2 next season.
The other sides unfortunately were not able to generate wins but four rinks came out with a win. Greg Cox's rink had an 8 shot win in the Div 5 game against Geelong.
Max Challis and Clive Savage had 12 and 7 shot wins at Portarlington.
New skip Michael McDonough with a new rink of Ric Stephens, Jim Sullivan and Dianne Monk had a 4 shot win at St. Leonards.
Please keep this new found upbeat feeling moving forward, get on the greens for practice as much as possible to keep everyone having to fight for their place in a side. I really helps to improve performance.
In practice the following drills are suggest for each rink. To be organised by the skips.
Two skips from a side should arrange the following- Skip&Third from one rink to play the Skip&Third from another rink. Also the Lead/Second to play Lead/Second. The game should be 2 and walk pairs (no 2-4-2) suggested that you play about 10 ends, get a scoreboard out and make it serious.
The skips&thirds game should be played much like a normal pairs game but keep in mind its practice for a 4's game so the first four bowls should generally be draw bowls. The last four bowls are then played exactly like pennant day.
The leads/seconds games should be played with the seconds playing the skips role and playing draw bowls mostly but controlled don't lose you bowl shots as required.
Over the next few weeks make it part of your normal training or add some additional time slots. To keep the interest up play the games as a round robin within your pennant side, keep the score across the four rinks, make it worthwhile with the winning Sk/3rd and the winning Lead/2nd, getting shouted drinks after all the pairs have played each other.
If you feel there is something in your game that needs attention then please ask one of the coaches. Graeme Wright, Doug McGregor & Peter Monk have made themselves available to help you. It's not just limited to your delivery but they can help with training drills and also with elements of skip and third play in calling shots and tactics.
Keep up the good work
Regards - The Coaches.