Highton Bowls Club - Club Events

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Club Events - Presentation Night

Club Presentation Evening and End of Season Dinner - 7 April 2017

A really good evening was enjoyed by a hundred or so members, Lauren provided us with a complete and tasty dinner accompanied by music by Ben. Ros Leigh thanks everyone involved in organising the night.

Annual Club Championship results : Men's Ladies







N Bell

P Monk

R Kemp

A Cotterill

Pres H/Cap

C Kemp

Y Olsen

A Cotterill

E Coles

100 up

N Harrison

I Anderson

B Koek

A Cotterill

Vet single

C Kemp

R McCorkell

J Lockhart

E Coles


R Whitford

P Moran

D Butler

A Noorderbroek


N Bell

B McGregor

J Jackson

R Stephens

A Venables

J Medlyn

D Monk

C Milligan

Mix Pairs

D Koek

B Koek

Y Olsen

W Ballentine


John Jackson

Alistair Lord

Bruce Peake

Peter Monk

Ian Anderson

Curly Kemp

R Kemp

M Lyne

B Koek

H Hulme,

A Cotterill

R Brazelis

Here are the players receiving their awards :

(Photos by Graeme Whytcross)

PN_17_569.JPG PN_17_567.JPG PN_17_566.JPG

L to R : Ladies Singles winner Anne Cotterill, Rhonda Kemp runner up. Mens Singles winner Peter Monk

PN_17_565.JPG PN_17_564.JPG

L to R : Ladies Presidents H'cap runner up Anne Cotterill, Men's Presidents H'cap winner Yanek Olsen

PN_17_563.JPG PN_17_559.JPG PN_17_558.JPG

L to R : Curly Kemp runner up Men's Presidents H'cap, Anne Cotterill winner 100 Up and Belinda Koek runner up 100 Up

PN_17_562.JPG PN_17_561.JPG

L to R : Ian Anderson winner Men's 100 Up and Neil Harrison runner up Men's 100 Up

PN_17_557.JPG PN_17_556.JPG PN_17_553.JPG

L to R : Jean Lockart runner up Ladies Veteran Single, Ray McCorkell winner Men's Veteran Single and Curly Kemp runner up Men's Veteran Single

PN_17_551.JPG PN_17_549.JPG PN_17_543.JPG

L to R : Anne Noorderbroek winner Ladies Novice Singles, Reg Whitford runner up Men's Novice Singles and Di Monk (and Coral Milligan) winner Ladies Pairs

PN_17_542.JPG PN_17_539.JPG

L to R : Judy Medlyn and Anne Venables runners up Ladies Pairs, Rick Stephens and John Jackson winners Men's Pairs

PN_17_538.JPG PN_17_537.JPG

L to R : Alistair Bell receiving Nick Bell's award for runners up Mens Pairs, Yanek Olsen (with Wendy Ballentine) winners Mixed Pairs

PN_17_535.JPG PN_17_534.JPG

L to R : Belinda Koek (and Daniel Koek) runners up Mixed Pairs, Helen Hulme, Anne Cotterill (and Ro Brazelis) winners Ladies Triples

PN_17_532.JPG PN_17_530.JPG

L to R : Ladies Triples runners up Marion Lyne, Belinda Koek and Rhonda Kemp. Men's Triple winners Ian Anderson, Curly Kemp and Peter Monk


Men's triple runners up, Alistair Lord, John Jackson and Bruce Peake

GBR Awards

Regional Champion of Champions - Anne Cotterill receiving her award from Ladies President, Ros Leigh OAM


GBR Fours

Our players with their runners up awards


L to R : Belinda Koek, Marion Lyne, Anne Cotterill and Di Monk


Behind the scenes and on stage Marion Lyne (Ladies Secretary), Clive Savage (Men's President) Ros Leigh OAM (Ladies President) and Don Lyne (Men's Secretary)